Monday, October 14, 2013

Motivational Mondays: Best Friends

I've recently been plagued by disagreement and petty arguments with one of my dearest friends.

When you know someone so well and for so long it can be a bit unfair to expect them to be telepathic. Yet, the bulk of society seems to have this self-mindedness that we are the center of everyone else's concerns and thoughts...
 or at least we should be. 

So I have been bickering and brooding and steaming over practically nothing and building up this great wealth of frustration over this person who "should know better" than to act this way and just feeling like I am about to explode!

And then I read a quote...

Holy back up, Batman.

This should apply to strangers. This should come into effect even with people you cannot stand, maybe even LOATHE ENTIRELY. Thank you for those who just laughed for getting that. But how much more should we give grace to the people we hold at a higher standard than is really fair; the people who have came into our lives and stayed
What about our families...
our best friends?

Giving one another grace is something that every person can and most likely should work on as a daily effort to improve life. Not just for others but also for one's own sanity. And sometimes it's helpful to keep in mind that someone who means a great deal to you is probably frustrated with you more times than you care to count or maybe even know about. 

At the end of the day... what if the person you love and care about doesn't make it to the end of the day? 
What a waste of time to fight with those who if lost would send your world tumbling down? 

Now I am not saying that if you argue and get into a passionate debate with someone that you are a terrible person or even in the wrong. Not the case at all. One of the joys about having close relationship is the freedom to express ones views and the other person won't shun you. And if you are spending a large about of your time with any one person- disagreements are going to happen. It's human nature. 

But admit when you're in the wrong. Learn to give grace. Don't show kindness for the sake of holding it over someone else's head. Show kindness and forgiveness even when it means no one will ever know you were bothered in the first place. You're life will never be the same but it will take some practice. 

Until then-

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