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Making History Come Alive: November

Ah, that crisp cool autumn air. 

What do you think of when you envision all that is November?
Apples which lead to cider? Warm cozy jackets and fluffy jumpers?

November can get kinda lost though between Octobers Fright Fests and Decembers onslaught of holiday propaganda invading the scenes so shortly after. 

So my goal is to now give November back some of it's well deserved flair by taking a look at some of its histories and how you can instate new traditions throughout your month to make it a time that will be looked forward to all year round. 

The first week of November holds histories such as the time Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel paintings were first exhibited,  Marie Antoinette's birthday, The Gunpowder Plot failed and Guy Fawkes was arrestedAll Saints' Day (formerly All Hallows Day),  is celebrated thus explaining the title for the day before as "All Hallows Eve". Jacob Schick patented the first electric shaver in 1923 which is kind of interesting for all of you "NO-vem-Beard"ers.  El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrated and the whole month of November is especially dedicated to praying for the dead

Simply because it is relevant to me and my current situation I will also throw in that in Ireland, November 1st is regarded as the first day of Winter. Yay...

Week two of the 11th month of the year is just as jam packed as the first! History tells us that during this was the time of
birth of Edmond Halley,you know that guy who as the comet named after him; as well as the birth of Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson whose classic tales include Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.The French museum, the "Louvre" was opened to the public for the first time,  the minimum draft age was lowered from 21 to 18 and "Moby Dick" was published

The third week of Peanut Butter Lovers Month has such a lineage as the time period where synthetic diamonds were first manufactured, the 180-ton wine ship Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod, America. Not to mention that loads of silver screen people were born. People like
 Danny DeVito, Jodi Foster, and my celebrity twin Rachel McAdams. 

The end of this glorious month is what most people look forward to- Football and Turkey with all the fixin's. But this time also marks the remembrance of the world mourning at the news that President John F. Kennedy had been shot and killed.The first issue of "Life" magazine was published and King Tut's tomb was first peered into. The first skywriting display occurred, the color photograph process was patented and a twenty-two-year ban on travel to China was lifted. 

There's a lot more to be thankful in the month of November than full bellies. I hope this is helpful in understanding only the historical side of that. 

I have included daily ideas for inspiration of different ways you can make this great month even more memorable. 

November 1st
Bundle up and relax! It's All Saints Day and the Irish first day of winter. Stay calm and cozy!

November 2nd
I would suggest watching the movie "Marie Antoinette" but same yourself the boredom and bake a cake instead.

November 3rd
The movie "Argo" recreates the storming of the US embassy in Tehran in 1979. Get the popcorn ready!

November 4th
In honor of the first steps toward King Tut's tomb discovery, brush up your hieroglyphics.

November 5th
"V for Vendetta" is a must see today.

November 6th
Watch you favorite Emma Stone movie and have a drink for her birthday!Gentlemen, you get to shave for the invention of the first electric shaver!

November 7th
Halley's comet is known worldwide, go outside tonight and do some star gazing!

November 8th
In honor of the first opening day of the Louvre, make your own masterpiece.

November 9th
Queen Catharine Howard was confined in London Tower today. Brush up on some ghost stories that revolved around the Tower. 

November 10th
The death of the young Brittany Murphy was tragic. Celebrate her life on her birthday with your favorte flick. 

November 11th
It's Demi Moore's birthday- check out her charity to help kids!

November 12th
Its two celeb birthdays and wouldn't you know it but they are both being considered for a new movie!Get your 50 shades going in anyway you see fit!

November 13th
The birth of the mind that brought you Treasure Island inisists that you find your own treasure today.

November 14th
Eat some seafood instead of chasing down Moby Dick today!

November 15th
It's the Walt Disney Art School's anniversary! Watch your favorite or make some art of your own!

November 16th
Listen to John Lennon's only solo #1 "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" for it's release anniversary!

November 17th
Watch your favorite Rachel McAdams movie for the star's birthday!

November 18th
"3 Musketeers" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 9 performances, have the chocolate version in memory. 

November 19th 
"Silence of the Lambs" is what truly made this birthday girl's career. Time for a watch!

November 20th 
Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan's divorce date, practice your wrestling moves with the one you love! Just don't take it too far or you could share the same fate...

November 21st 
Birthday historic St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer who was nicknamed Stan the Man, go play ball!

November 22nd
Get out to see the new movie "Parkland" the true story of JFK's assassination.

November 23rd
Take some or have some taken! Colored film was patented today! Get those pictures!

November 24th 
Ireland votes for independence from UK! Have yourself some Irish fare and don't forget the drink!

November 25th
Evaporated milk came into the picture today! Perfect for making pumpkin pies!

November 26th
Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday today! Get your turkey on!

November 27th 
The day after Thanksgiving... national shopping addicts day. Approach department stores and malls at your own risk!

November 28th
Skywriting was first seen today. Get outside and find your own writing in the clouds!

November 29th
Coffee rationing started in the United States during WWII in 1942. Make sure to enjoy a hot cup of Joe!
November 30th
 "I Love Lucy" actress Lucille Ball's wedding anniversary; re watch your favorite episode!

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