Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sabbath Sundays: Enlightening

Today's amazements truly started at the wee hours of this morning just before I turned off the light for bed. 
I am an odd Christian. I believe God works in all areas of life for His glory. 
That being said, I do read my horoscope and while I do not put a great deal of stock into them, I have found one that is eerily spot on most days of the week. 
Now again, I cannot say that I believe the God of the universe who created the heavens and earth and deny that He could set these items up in such a way that gravitational pulls, on creatures composed primarily of water, could have effects on our lives. ALL things work together for His glory.

My horoscope for the day was:

Someone special is drawn to you now. He or she is wise, creative, imaginative and totally is essential that you allow yourself the time to get to know this individual. If you aren't sure who this may be, you will figure it out soon enough. It is wonderful to be adored, so enjoy it.
(The DailyHoroscope App)

Well I went to bed feeling wonderful over that as adoration is something that I yearn for.

The morning came and I walked to church. Upon arriving I "checked in" online with the the message- 
ready to hear what You're waiting to tell me

Then the praise and worship started. 
The first song was one that has been bringing me daily comfort for weeks now so naturally I smiled at its start. And from that moment, a steady flow of constant tears refused to dry upon my cheeks. Because from that song on, every other one had another message, solely for me. The second song spoke of our adoration for God. It hit me that this is what my horoscope was referring to. 

God adores us. He adores me. It is wonderful. And I need to make time to get to know Him better and allow this need to be fulfilled by Him.  

The third song was about "waiting" for Him. 
Link with my status. 

The tears gently continued. 

The pastor called people up, had elders lay hands on some and spoke a prophetic message into someones life. The Spirit was working over time. 

Once the message began- The Spirit...just continued it's work. 

Romans 5:1-5

Jesus does not offer a second chance.
He offers a new life entirely.

Teh only way we can truly move into the future is to deal with our past. A brand new start? No you cannot run away from your hurts; from your pasts. You must face them if you wish to continue to grow. (Says the girl who moved to another country)

It's not about where you're at, it's about the people we are.

When we endure suffering...
we build perseverance. 

When we persevere...
We earn character.

And Character breeds Hope.

It's a process. 

Now, we as Christians wait and hope for a big event. 
An event of God plainly speaking into our lives, or working a miracle on our behalf or the behalf of our loved ones.

God is an Event God.  

But Faith isn't always about the event but the process...and you can't fast forward it

Now as an Event Management Major- this makes so much sense. 

A single event does not just happen.

The amount of work and time that goes into a single day or weekend long event is astounding. 

The process of hard work, learning, planning, rearranging and changing is daunting but if done earnestly the event is a spectacular success. 

You have to go through the process to have a successful event.
And success means something different to each of us.

But no matter how you measure success, the growth of character is a universally desired trait. 
Would we like it in our politicians? For our children? In our marriage? To stay the course and go through the trials you need character. Longevity and being able to finishing the race and you can only do that with character.

And character is earned. 
You can't buy it. 
You can't be given it.
You earn it.

Through the process. 

And don't forget, the product of character is hope.

It is because of this, that we can rejoice in our sufferings. 

*Specially dedicated to Angelo*
Find your hope my dear friend.

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